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Ski Clothing

Urban wear that can handle the great outdoors…

For our team of designers, online sales are an exciting source of information. We get to know, in real time, what is selling the most: the model (men’s or women’s), the size and colour. Visit the women’s jackets section of our website, to find the perfect jacket for you. I tend to get chilly, which is why I like the JADE MAT model.

At Avalanche, we have an additional advantage since our offices are attached to our Hamel Street store in Québec City. We just have to listen to what customers are saying to learn why Avalanche’s urban wear is so popular!

Every customer who visits our store is looking for a warm jacket! That’s not surprising given that we’ve built our brand around this feature. Our jackets are warm but also waterproof, so they’re great for milder spells in January. More and more consumers are looking for a versatile urban jacket that they can wear at the skating rink, while taking a walk or to get to work. And this trend emerged even before the inflation we are currently experiencing. It’s just a smart way to optimize one’s spending!

Many of our city jacket models are very supple, allowing for great ease of movement. When possible, we add features taken from our ski jackets: drawstring hem that keeps the snow out, ergonomic sleeves and a hood.

A good jacket is important because living in the city means having to catch the bus, de-icing the windshield, shovelling snow or walking the dog!

Warm, versatile and available in a wide range of styles and colours, our customers are sure to find what they are looking for at Avalanche!

Véronique Dufour
VP Development, Retail, Marketing

Ski equipment
Titre: Try skis out before buying

Trying before buying is always smart. But given the wide variety of skis on the market, it’s a good idea to consult a specialist first, to determine which type of ski would suit you best. Your favourite ski instructor or an advisor in store will be able to advise you.

There are three ways to try skis:

  1. Try a friend’s skis. Take the time to adjust the bindings as needed. However, keep in mind that these won’t be new skis or skis that have been perfectly sharpened. On the other hand, you can try them in the snow conditions you want, if your friend doesn’t mind, that is!
  2. When major ski manufacturers visit your ski resort. Their skis will be well-prepared, especially in the morning, and they should have quite a wide selection. However, you will only be trying the skis in that day’s conditions and will only be able to do a few runs. But you should get a good feel for the equipment.
  3. Stores rent out demo skis at an attractive price. You can try them anytime and for as long as you like. They’re all so great, you’ll want to try them all! Note that at Avalanche, we credit you the price of the rental if you buy the skis.

Advice for veteran skiers! When thinking about getting a new pair of skis, consider your knees, which might not be as limber as the last time you went ski shopping. It’s worth trying a pair of skis all day to see how you feel when you get up the next morning. If you’re able to jump out of bed, that’s a good sign!

Raymond Lesage
Ski and Bootfitting Advisor