Custom Uniforms


Avalanche specializes in CUSTOM made waterproof and breathable uniforms. We work for ski areas, ski teams, racing teams or any affiliated business with people working in cold or moderate weather. Whether it’s to coordinate your resort’s image from year to year or stylish and functional uniforms for your ski school or lift attendants, we can provide the uniforms you REALLY want. We offer high-end CUSTOM jackets, softshells, fleeces, etc…

  • CHOOSE your own color combinations
  • CUSTOMIZE the existing styles
  • SPECIFY your preferred functions and features
  • CONTINUE with the same style and colors over the years

Since 1986

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of winter clothing since 1986, Avalanche proudly provides its experience in creating warm and comfortable clothing in unique styles that defy all types of weather.

Avalanche Skiwear’s custom designs are a great way to reinforce your corporate image and showcase your achievements.

Since people who work outdoors generally cannot get indoors to warm up and dry off, we choose our fabrics and materials carefully, knowing that they will have to withstand the various climatic elements for long hours, more so than a typical consumer. However, we do not compromise on the design development, ensuring that our designs are as elegant as they are functional.

Consistency year after year

Businesses, departments, teams and agencies also need consistency with each order. We know that you need to be confident that you will have the same item in the same color the following year and for as long as you decide to keep your uniforms. This is what we offer AND DELIVER, what the typical consumer brand doesn’t do. We store your information on secured files, so that you may re-order the same items when necessary. To do so, minimums apply and advance planning is required. Overall, the opportunity to reorder saves you time and money in the long run. And everyone will have the same branding image, year after year.

Our commitment

Our product range includes items perfectly suited to each member of your team or club, with highly technical creations that meet individual needs in a variety of weather conditions.

Product and pricing - Mountain resorts

Avalanche offers quality personalized uniforms at competitive prices, designed specifically for YOUR needs. We know that you need durable items that look great, promote your image, and are comfortable and practical.

To select us is to get :

– Added value at a better price with improved quality, functions and flexibility,
– Your choice of colors and styles to coordinate your style,
– Matching intermediate layers (design and color) for easy identification, regardless of the layer worn.
– A possibility to repeat orders to build and maintain YOUR image without reorganizing everything.

Made for the industry

Our equipment is designed and built to be consistent, to withstand the elements and abuse while looking flawless. Our products include standard features that you won’t find with other “consumer-oriented” suppliers. For example, we offer full-zip pants, abrasion-resistant fabric in highly resisting areas, and other standard options depending on the style you choose. Our jackets include labels or name tags, radio pockets, clipboard pockets and technical hoods. We use an industrial quality fabric with a breathable 20,000 wp capacity, with your choice of shell or insulation level. We seal every joint and reinforce stress points. We adapt our uniforms to the work you do, in the climate where you are, to ensure greater comfort, functionality and durability while you’re working in your specific environment.

Intermediate layers, softshell jackets, fleece, windbreakers or matching vests

Get more functionality from your outer jackets by complementing with a matching mid layer. They are worn in all seasons, are less expensive to replace and very effective in promoting your brand. We provide them with a breathable waterproof laminate and a micro-fleece backing. Order them in the same color / design as the outer jacket, in layers or separately.

Quality, price and value...

We are factory oriented and have streamlined operations. Our prices are comparatively lower because we focus ONLY on cold weather uniforms. The price range depends on the quantity, the choice of fabric and add-ons such as embroidery sewn in during production or reflective accents. If you would like an cost estimate for a customized program for a group, please complete the information on the features form and send it to us by email. Or simply contact us by phone to let us know your preferences.


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