How to Care for Your Coats, Membranes and Shells : Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll give you some essential tips for caring for your coats, membranes and shells. It’s crucial to take good care of these garments to keep them in perfect condition, while optimizing their durability. Find out how to keep your outerwear in top condition.

The importance of maintenance

Maintenance of your coats, membranes and shells is essential for several reasons:

  1. Increased durability: By taking care of your outerwear, you extend its lifespan, which saves you money in the long run.
  2. Optimal performance: Well-maintained garments offer better performance in terms of waterproofing and breathability.
  3. Aesthetics: Regular care keeps your garments looking like new, which is particularly important if you like to wear them around town.

Step 1: Proper cleaning

Cleaning is the first crucial step in caring for your coats, membranes and shells. Here are a few tips: Grangers soaps help us keep our coats in good condition, because they’re water-based. Le savon “Performance”, spécialement conçu pour les manteaux synthétiques, permet de préserver leurs propriétés déperlantes. Laver à l’eau froide sur cycle délicat avec une demi-dose de savon. Fermez toutes les fermetures à glissière et les fermetures Velcro pour éviter tout dommage. If stains are present, remove them before washing. Then tumble dry your coat in delicate mode for 10 minutes on low heat. Don’t hesitate to do this, as it will remove excess water from the insulation and prevent the formation of rings at the bottom of the jacket, while reactivating the water-repellent effect. Do not use oil-based household products, as they may alter the water-repellent properties of the fabric. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER


We often dread washing membranes, such as 2.5 and 3-ply, which I compare to our skin. They are made up of thousands of tiny holes that allow moisture to pass through while retaining water on the outside. After strenuous activity or a long expedition, it’s a good idea to clean the membrane to prolong its life, especially if you’ve applied insect repellent oils or sunscreen. This prevents delamination and extends the life of the coat for many years of pleasure.

Step 2: Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential to ensure that your garments remain effectively waterproof. Follow these tips: If you want to re-waterproof your coats, there are two-in-one products to make the job easier. Choose the right product for your needs. For a hyper-breathable shell, opt for a spray that seals the outer surface without altering its breathability.

Asking an in-store expert for advice is always a good idea. Don’t forget to remove stains from clothes before washing, otherwise the stains will become permanently fixed.

Regularly washing coats extends their useful life and keeps them looking as good as new.

Good washing.

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