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Free shipping only whitin Canada!

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FaQ General Information

About shipping and fees

Free shipping over 149,99$ only Canada It is worth combining your purchases !

All online orders will be processed by our customer service within 1 to 3 working days (Monday to Friday).

As soon as your order is shipped, it will be possible to track your package thanks to Canada Post.

Higher transportation fees may apply in the following situations:

If you live in a remote area or an area that is difficult to reach by (for example: Îles de la Madeleine, Kuujjuaq).

Accordingly, if the transportation fees calculated during your online purchase are different from the actual fees, Avalanche will inform you by email or by phone. At that moment, you will have the possibility to cancel your order.

Exchange, refund, finaL sales

To get an exhange of an article that does not suit you, you have 30 days from the date of your online order to send the article back to us using the prepaid label provided, only in Canada. Please complete the return form included with your order. In the event that you have not received the return label, please contact customer service 1 877 877 5554 #0 or #4.

Any refund will be made in the same form as the original payment and will be released to you within two (2) weeks of receipt of the returned merchandise *. This mention is effective from friday november 11th 2021, for online orders. We will deduct a $16 administration fee for each partial or total refund request.

*Items must be returned in their original form, unworn and unused, with the original tags, packaging and invoice.

Items with a discount from 51% off and more, and or items marked FINAL SALES in the product description are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

USA Taxes and customs fees are at the expense of the customer, same for refund and exchange product.

Gift Card

This gift card may be used at any Avalanche store only.

Simply present your gift card at the sales counter at the time of purchase.

This gift card can be recharged. It cannot be redeemed for cash. Please note that the gift card value is always listed in Canadian dollars.

The sale of a gift card is not taxable. When a gift card is used to pay for a purchase, it is treated as a payment method similar to cash. Therefore, sales taxes must be calculated on the price of each item sold before the value of the gift card is deducted.

The virtual gift card will be sent in less than an hour if:

  • No delivery date is selected.
  • Your bag contains no other items.

Mode Avalanche Inc. cannot be held liable for the loss, theft, or unauthorized use of the card. This card has no monetary value until it is paid in full and activated by Avalanche . Protect this card like cash.

Single use of the gift card: The gift card can only be used once. This means that the user cannot divide the total amount of the card to make several separate purchases. Once the gift card has been used, even if the full amount is not spent, the remaining balance cannot be used for future purchases.

Minimum purchase requirement: In order to use the gift card, there is a minimum purchase requirement that must be met. This means that the user must make a purchase at least equal to the total amount of the gift card to be able to use it. If the purchase is less than the card amount, the promo code associated with the gift card cannot be applied.

*Gift-cards are non-refundable.

In-store pickup

In-store pickup is available from January 11, 2021, orders are generally completed and ready to be picked up within 24 hours at the store, according to opening hours

There is no shipping charge for the in-store pickup option. Additionally, you will be able to make an exchange without delay, subject to size availability, and take a look at other available in-store items.

Order pickup must be done at the cashier counter, where you will be asked to present a copy of your original electronic invoice and identification. The order can be picked up by a third party, who will also have to present the same two documents.

You must pick up your order within 10 days from the date of your order confirmation email. If your order is not picked up, you will receive an email reminder. A five (5) day extension will then be granted. If you do not pick up your order within this period, we will cancel your order and a full refund will be issued.

In-store returns

You can return your order* at an Avalanche store. Upon reception, customer service will proceed to the refund. To find a store near you, click here !

All refunds will be made in the same form as the original payment and will be issued within two (2) weeks of reception of the returned merchandise*.

*Items must be returned in their original form, unworn and unused, with the original tags, packaging and invoice.

Ski rental policy



I understand that the bindings system cannot guarantee the safety of the user. In alpine skiing, the binding system will not release, either every time or under every circumstance, or it could prevent injury or death, and it is impossible to predict every situation in which it will release.

I agree to release the Avalanche Store, its employees, owners, affiliates, agents, officers, directors and equipment manufacturers and distributors (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability under this Agreement > from any and all liability for injury, death, loss or damage to property resulting from the use of, or damage to, the equipment, including any liability resulting from the NEGLIGENCE of SUPPLIERS or any other person or from any other cause.

I agree to use the equipment listed on this form as isand accept full financial responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment while it is in my possession. I will be responsible for replacing the equipment rented under these terms at its replacement value if it is not returned to the store. I consent to return the rented equipment on the agreed date.
Credit card information valid for the duration of the renter’s possession of the equipment is mandatory when renting any ski equipment.
Rentersare responsible for the cleanliness of the rented equipment. A fee of $25 will be charged for its cleaning (mud, spider webs, dust, etc…). Do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] for any further information.

Replacement rate in case of theft, loss or breakage season 2021 and 2022.
Atomic ski with bindings 

  • From 70 cm to 120 cm Selling price $150 + taxes.
    From 130 cm to 150 cm Selling price $175 + taxes

Alpina boots

  • AJ1 (One buckle) Selling price $60 + taxes.
    AJ2 (Two buckles) Selling price $75 + taxes
    AJ3 (Three buckles) Selling price $90 + taxes

Avalanche Sticks

  • From 70 cm to 110 cm Selling price $20 + taxes.
    From 115 cm to 125 cm Selling price $25 + taxes

*Pick up of material is possible from September 4, 2021 in your stores:

10909, boul. Ste-Anne – MONDAY TO SUNDAY FROM 10 AM TO 5 PM
3930 Hamel Boulevard – MONDAY TO FRIDAY 11:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

For online reservations, please check in with your order confirmation.

Call us at 1 877 877-5554 #4 or by email at : [email protected]

Ski Uniform Program

Purchasing policy for CLUBS, coats, pants and accessories.

You will have from January 1 to April 1er, 2022 to place your order online.
Full payment of purchases is required at the time of ordering.
In case of cancellation after October 1, 2022, you will be charged $100.00 for handling and cancellation fees.
In case of cancellation after delivery, a refund of 50% of the total amount will be given.
No refund or exchange on embroidered accessories.
Size exchanges will be possible depending on available inventory.

Repeat orders after September 1, 2022
If you wish to repeat an existing order that is available in inventory, the price of the uniform will be increased by $20/coat.

Coat / Pants delivery:
Bundled delivery: all individual orders are paired together for delivery to one location at the club.
However, if your initial order is missing any items, it will be duly completed as soon as possible.

Accessory Delivery:
Partial delivery: Accessories, underlay, softshell, etc., can be delivered individually.

As an indication, JUNIOR SIZES FROM 6 TO 14 YEARS ONLY.

2022-2023 SEASON

shipping USA*

*USA Taxes and customs fees are at the expense of the customer, same for refunds and exchanges
We deliver no orders in EUROPE.

How to clean your clothing

Before washing your garment, it is important to ensure that all zippers are fully closed and that all Velcro are fastened. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in significant damage that is not covered by our warranty. Please follow these tips carefully to preserve the appearance and properties of your Avalanche garment :

  • Do not dry clean.
  • Wash colors separately.
  • Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle (30 degrees Celsius).
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not pile damp clothes (to avoid colour migration).

N.B. for down garments, follow the same steps, but tumble dry at medium temperature with tennis balls (65 degrees Celsius) until the jacket is dry and no more moisture is present.

It is crucial not to wash natural and synthetic furs in the machine and especially not to put them in the dryer. Natural fur can only be dry cleaned and synthetic fur can only be cleaned by hand with a mild soap.

What is the warranty period?

Avalanche takes the greatest care in the design and manufacture of its products. We guarantee our products against manufacturing defects on seams, snaps and zippers for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, accident, or normal wear and tear of the operating equipment.
Note: This warranty does not cover accessories (socks, gloves, mitts, etc.) or final sale items. If a product proves to be defective, please contact us for the detailed procedure.

What you need to know about repairs

At present, please note that the repair time is 4 weeks. Please, any coat or garment that needs to be repaired by our sewing service, must have been washed beforehand. A 25$ cleaning fee will be added to your repair bill in the event that washing is required prior to the repair.
Thank you for your understanding.


The prices mentioned on the website do not include all applicable taxes.
Information regarding the total amount to be paid by the customer, including environmental charges, if any, and all other charges and delivery costs, as well as the purchase specification for each component of the total price, shall be set forth in the order (“Order”) before payment is received. All prices, fees, charges and costs are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Agreement details

The seller will acknowledge receipt of the order by email. All orders are subject to acceptance by the seller. As the order acknowledgement does not constitute acceptance of the order, Seller shall confirm such acceptance to Buyer by sending an email confirming that the Product has been shipped (the “Order Confirmation”). The Buyer will review the Order Confirmation in the event of non-compliance with the Order, both in terms of number, type of product, price, etc. The Buyer shall be responsible for any such non-compliance. Any inconsistency between the Order and the Order Confirmation will be reported to Seller as soon as reasonably possible, either by clicking on the Contact Us button www.avalancheskiwear.com or by calling Seller at 1-877-877-5554.
To the extent permitted by law, Seller shall not be liable or responsible for clerical or typographical errors in communication with Buyer.
When the product is out of stock, the seller may offer the buyer information on alternative products.
The seller reserves the right to cancel orders placed by buyers acting within the framework of commercial transactions.
In order to shop at www.avalancheskiwear.com, the buyer must have reached the age of majority in their province of residence.


The seller accepts payments with MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. The Seller may refuse the Buyer’s Order if payment by the Buyer’s debit or credit card is refused.


Delivery will be made to the address stated in the Order Confirmation. The Buyer chooses the method of delivery from the choices offered upon Ordering. The date of delivery will depend on the Buyer’s chosen method of delivery and will appear in the Order Confirmation.

Risks for the product

Ownership of the Product shall not be transferred to the Buyer until the Seller has received full payment of all amounts due relating to the Product. If the time of delivery has arrived and the product is not delivered after the product has been made available to the buyer, the buyer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product.