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Outdoor report 14


Do you know : Turin Olympics!

  • During the Games, Avalanche dressed the CBC/Radio-Canada teams.
  • We are proud to have Sestriere, which hosted the Alpine skiing events at the Turin Olympics, as one of our new clients.


Why ski clubs appreciate our representatives,

Why ski clubs appreciate our representatives
Parents whose children belong to the ski clubs we serve have a personalized, user-friendly and effective online shopping tool at their disposal. They can order uniforms and other accessories from the comfort of home!
But it is our representatives who make all the difference and add to the quality of the parent-Club-Avalanche relationship.
When it’s time for a committee to choose uniforms, our representatives are there to advise. They will present and discuss issues like model availability, ability to sign long-term agreements, production schedule and delivery times.
Parents like that they can contact our representatives when they have a concern, dissatisfaction or  complaint, and this keeps the club’s management from having to handle problems it has no control over. After all, our representatives are best placed to solve them.

Our representatives:
Frédéric Herrmann – Québec
Carole Beaupré – Ouest du Québec et Maritimes
Rudy Guidez –  Québec
Carol Jeske – Colombie Britanique
Gini Oksanen – Ontario et Usa
Jonas Herry – Europe

Carolyne Gagnon
Manager of Sales and Ski Development


Taking care of your ski goggles,

First, be careful not to damage them:

· Avoid overtightening the strap. This will make the elastic band last longer. Your goggles are wide enough to cover a large part of your face, and the foam padding easily blocks air from entering.

· When you place your goggles on your helmet, make sure you can see the bottom of the goggles. This way, you’ll notice if they slip and are hanging off the back of your helmet. You wouldn’t want to lose them or scratch them without noticing. Plus, you don’t want to look like a newbie!

Clean them:

· It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s preferable to clean your goggles when they are dry, using only a microfibre cloth (like the one provided when you purchased the goggles). Otherwise you could damage the anti-fog coating.

· While this is true for the outside of the lens, it’s even more important for the inside, where the coating is thicker. Rubbing this coating when it is wet will scratch it.

· A soft, damp cloth is sufficient to clean the frame. Dry with a dry cloth.

Store them:

·  When your goggles are dry, store them in a dry place, in their case or pouch.
– Ultraviolet rays will alter the foam, making it a breeding ground for bacteria when wet. This is why it’s important to keep the goggles out of the sunlight when they are not in use.

If your goggles are scratched:

· Many people use baking soda and toothpaste to buff the lenses. In my opinion, this only makes things worse since it degrades the anti-fog coating.

· If the scratches affect your vision and there are replacement lenses available, you could change them. Otherwise, you may have to buy new goggles.

Finally, if you take a tumble and your goggles get covered in snow:

·  First, remove the snow.
·  Wave your goggles around to dry them as much as possible.
· Gently clean the outside of the lens with a microfibre cloth.
· That’s it! Go slower and be more careful. Your legs are probably starting to get tired.

There is a wide variety of ski goggles available on the market. If you want a new pair, come see us at the Beaupré boutique. Be sure to bring your helmet. It will help us choose goggles that perfectly suit its shape and width.

Rudy Guidez
Ski Advisor and Sales Representative