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Outdoor report 7

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Launched in the fall of 2022, this publication aims to give you a peek behind the scenes of our industry, to make you a better informed and therefore savvier consumer.

Starting with this issue, we will be presenting some facts so you can get to know Avalanche a little better. You’ll see, this regular feature will definitely live up to its title!

Do you know?

  • Francine Poulin founded Avalanche in 1986 to serve ski schools and ski clubs.
  • Today, her son, Jonas Herry, is representing Avalanche across Europe!

Dry boots, warm feet

For decades, skiers have had a ritual to make sure they always have dry boot liners for their next ski outing:

  • Remove the liners from the boots.
  • Wipe the inside of the shells and place them in a warm, dry place.
  • Dry the liners with a boot dryer.
  • The next morning, slip the liners back inside the shells.

It worked well but had disadvantages:

  • The skiers would have bruised knuckles all winter from pulling the liners out.
  • Removing the liners requires pulling, which is hard on the liner seams.
  • Over time, the liners tend to collapse at the Achilles’ heel from being pushed back into the shell.

New, quality ski boots have a liner with a high percentage of silicone, no longer designed to undergo this daily ritual. The boots are now dried without removing the liners.
But it takes a quality boot dryer and a storage area with naturally dry air.
A quality boot dryer has a heating element, a fan that pushes air into the boot and a timer. It’s preferable not to set the temperature too high, even if it takes a little longer

If you think of it, buckle the boots back up once they’re dry, especially if you won’t be skiing for a few days. It will help the liners keep their shape.

I can help you choose the best boot warmer at a reasonable price.

 Rudy Guidez
 Ski advisor and sales representative

Ski clothing
Middle layer: Ski tops and vests

Generally, skiers only take off their jacket briefly, like at lunchtime. Few walk around in their base layer top, though Avalanche’s look pretty great—good enough to be worn without a middle layer top or vest. The middle layer therefore does more than insulate you from the cold, it’s a fashion statement!

And to fulfill this dual mission (insulation + aesthetics), we at Avalanche appreciate polyester’s incredible versatility. Weavers can do incredible things with this resistant and stable fibre. Smooth, brushed, embossed, woolly: anything is possible, in any colour. And when combined with a little elastane, this fabric is stretchy enough to mould to the body and offer the freedom of movement needed, like our “zip neck” tops do.

We make sure our tops are very resistant to abrasion from washing. And don’t worry about throwing a polyester item in the dryer. It will keep its shape and colour.

All our designers have to do is find the cut, patterns and colours that will please you and look good with our ski jackets. A task they greatly enjoy!

Véronique Dufour
VP Development, Retail, Marketing