Leki Evotrail FX one TA trail poles


A strong, lightweight aluminum trail pole from Leki!

Because the Leki brand has specialized in the manufacture of quality poles since 1948, you can trust it to offer you poles of excellent manufacture, always at the cutting edge of innovation.

The brand has renewed its range of trail-running poles, making it a point of honor to always deliver top performance.

Taille de bâtons

115 cm, 120 cm, 125 cm, 130 cm

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Discover the new Evotrail FX One TA trail poles, ultra-strong and super-light, the ideal poles to meet all your trail challenges, even on ultra-technical terrain.

Stable in all situations, the Evotrail Fx One TA features a sophisticated design. Its high-strength aluminum tube is fitted with a cork handle and Trigger Shark 2.0 trigger.

Ce dispositif permet d’enclencher et de retirer la dragonne du bâton en un tournemain.

The Trigger Shark Frame Strap Mesh keeps the hand firmly attached to the stick for a perfect grip even when working hard.

Continuously adjustable, individually adaptable wrist strap. It allows you to click and unclick the stick quickly and easily, and is compatible with all Shark sticks.

It features a sturdy FLex Tip for good support with the poles on a wide range of surfaces during your outings.

It prevents unpleasant slipping and transmits energy directly.

Finally, this stick folds to a length of 38 cm at the touch of a button, so you can easily slip it into your bag and take it with you wherever you go.


Foldable fixed-length poles
-100% Aluminum (HTS 6.5)
-Folded size: 38 cm
-4 segments
-Diameter 16-14-14-14 mm
-Trigger Shark 2.0 system
-Frame Strap Mesh
•Push button
•Pointe Trail Running Flex Tip
-Storage bag included