XDR 84 2019

GAMMEFree ride / All Mountain



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« All-mountain in the blood. »

After the Salomon XDR 80 Ti tested last year, it’s the XDR 84’s turn to find its way into our hands.

Still in a traditional approach, this ski is nevertheless positioned on an all-mountain approach to the track, which in essence gives it a wider range of use, especially when the track is deteriorating, on soft snow or even in all conditions snow.

This was verified brilliantly in the field, in particular thanks to a facilitating spatula in this area.

Very accessible, light in feel underfoot, the Salomon XDR 84 has great pivot but also good handling in cut curves.

More courageous in large turns (the tested size of 179 cm places it among long skis), it is a little less lively in transition and has a bit more difficulty looping in short, cut turns.

Nevertheless, this Salomon XDR 84 remains very nice and easy to use, efficient on all terrains, and stands out for its ease in all snow.

In the end, Salomon offers a slightly different vision of approaching this range, but delivers an interesting offer for a very large audience.

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