Stockli Laser MX 2023


The Laser MX designed exclusively for women has impressive maneuverability and pop. Its light construction promises easy handling, and the Turtle Shell Technology lets you feel safe and secure in every situation. This makes the ski perfectly suited for comfy, casual runs. But wait, it can offer something else, too: With the SRT Speed Plate and SRT 12 binding, the performance of this ski can be fully tapped into. Meaning athletic women skis can get what they came for.

Range / Performance Track
Level / Advanced
2 years  warranty
Swiss made skis
Shipping at home in Canada, fees included.

Binding type MC D20+MC11, to perfectly complement this equipment, Stöckli offers the MC 11 binding and its MC D20 plate. This set in combination with your pair of Lasers allows you to put your skis on comfortably. With this combination, you can drive your skis with precision. Their little plus? These ski bindings are compatible with GripWalk boot soles.


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