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Ski Goggle YH27

Ski Google Avalanche.

Skiing and snowboarding require the use of ski goggles. Avalanche ski goggles provide excellent protection for the eyes.

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Avalanche ski and snowboard goggles are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality. They protect the eyes from snow, wind, dust and ultraviolet rays. These glasses are made with materials that do not irritate the skin and have no harmful effect.


Do not use detergent or chemical spray to clean the
inner and outer surfaces of the lens.
At the beginning of the season, or after prolonged storage or impact,
eyewear should be examined to ensure that the lens, frame
and strap are undamaged. Never wear goggles if
the lens is damaged, scratched or stained. Replace defective components
with original Avalanche parts of the same model
for proper operation and protection. Ski and snowboard goggles
should be stored at between -1 °C
and 50 °C.


Thermoplastic polyurethane lightweight frame


Dimensions 7.62 cm high and 17.8 cm wide
Double spherical lens
UVA/UVB protection
Optimal peripheral vision
HP anti-fog treatment
SRC (scratch-resistant coating) on outer lens surface
Multi-density foam (2 layers)
Adjustable elastic strap with a non-slip silicone strip