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Weight 4.1 kg
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The entire Redster range has many features that add up to make exceptional skis: their 100% classic camber shape provides the best possible grip over the entire length of the skis on hard snow and ice.This sensation is reinforced by the oversized straight Full Sidewalledges that extend from the tip to the tail that make the ski more precise. As for the Power Woodcore it combines two woods with different qualities: rigid ash for solid stability, and lightweight poplar for a touch of liveliness. The skis in the Redster range are also reinforced with a double titanium layer to significantly increase stability.

This model has been specifically designed for breakthrough performance in slalom with a short radius. These are real virtuosos that move you to a new dimension. To achieve such performance, Atomic developed Servotec technology, assisted steering for skis. When under tension at the beginning of the curve, this shaft compresses an elastomer attached under the waist, which “arms” the ski. Later in the turn, during the flex of the ski, the compression is released with the force of a force, which has the effect of accelerating the turn and providing you with more power. The Servotec also has the advantage of increasing the stability of the ski by absorbing vibrations in a very subtle manner.

To improve gliding and bring even more speed, the sole has World Cup finishes.

The Redster S9 is a real machine for combining short turns. Intended for advanced skiers, it will demand one thing of you: that you quicken your rhythm.

These skis are mounted with Atomic X12 TL bindings for optimum power transmission.



Weight: 4008 g per pair with bindings at 165 cm


153 cm : 11,5 m
159 cm : 12,1 m
165 cm : 12,7 m
171 cm : 13,3 m


X12 TL: optimum power transmission


Power woodcore: the combination of the rigidity of ash and the lightness of poplar makes the skis both stable and sporty.


Active camber: 100% traditional camber allows the ski to stay in contact with the snow over a longer length. Result: better grip on icy slopes and unshakeable stability.


Servotec : its name comes from the German “Servolenkung” (assisted steering), and that’s exactly what it offers. Its secret is the shaft attached to the upper part of the ski and the integrated elastomer just under the binding:
the shaft is under tension, thereby compressing the elastomer to which it is connected. The whole ski is thus pre-stressed, or in other words, ready to turn.
when the ski bends in a curve, the compression in the center of the elastomer relaxes. This then relaxes like a spring, carrying the rod with it while actively contributing to the flex of the ski. The steering of the turn is therefore lighter and faster.

Full Sidewall: These edges extend the entire length of the ski for precise steering: perfect for downhill skis and high performance racing

High-Speed Sidecut : A reduced sidecut is synonymous with maximum stability at high speeds … but thanks to the Servotec technology, it gives the sensation of having a ski with a sharper profile.

Titanium powered: a titanium layer above and below the core, which provides excellent shock absorption, excellent stability and flexibility in torsion.

Structured Coating :extremely resistant

Sole: World Cup finishes providing optimal glide


Brand Atomic
Season Winter 2018-2019
Spatula width 118 mm
Skate width 68 mm
Heel width 104 mm
Reference size 165 cm
Curvature radius 12.7
Level Advanced
building 4.1 kg
Kind man
profile Standard Camber (No Rocker)