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Weight 3.8 kg
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The Laser SL is an alpine ski from the Laser range and developed by the Swiss brand Stockli. The passion of this brand for skiing and the quest for perfection have motivated them for more than 80 years to develop innovative and quality products, in the pure Swiss tradition. The numerous first places obtained in international ski tests prove that the skis are skis of exceptional quality.

Engineers and designers are always looking for innovative technologies, geometries and designs. Each year, the team at the Malters factory (Lucerne Township) hand-produces about 50,000 pairs of skis. The models are manufactured and tested with a great deal of attention to detail, until they reach the famous “Swiss quality”. Visible and noticeable on each hand-finished model, it is the secret that makes the excellence of skis.

The Laser SL of the brand stockli is a ski that is intended to practice slalom skiing. Equipped with Vario Racing Technology,this ski has a titanium layer to give you greater precision and control and smooth, smooth turn-downs. The Laser SL has stability that can be seen at any speed, so don’t be afraid to press the skis.

The Laser SL spatula is wider than the Laser GS’s to increase handling to allow you to follow the best possible short turns, for maximum pleasure. In addition, it has Full Edge Contact technology that gives you a thinner ski to skate for better responsiveness and tone when starting a turn, especially on hard snow.

The Laser SL is small in size but immense in its performance in tight turns. It will fill the sharpest slalomers.


Rayons de courbure

150cm: 11m
155cm: 11.8m
160cm: 12.7m
165cm: 13.6m
170cm: 14.5m


Vario Racing Technology
A l’image du noyau; la couche supérieure en Titanal est profilée sur sa longueur et s’affine en direction de la pointe et du talon du ski. VRT technology is successfully implemented in alpine skiing competition.

Sandwich Sidewall
The ski is assembled layer by layer and then glued under pressure. A principle of construction that has proven itself for many years.

Combicore: wood and laminated fiberglass.


Graphite racing.


Vario Racing Technology:
Just like the nucleus; The Top Layer in Titanal is contoured along its length and refines towards the tip and heel of the ski. VRT technology is successfully implemented in alpine skiing competition.
Avantages précision et contrôle accrus – conduite des virages directe et harmonieuse.

Sandwich Sidewall Technology (S.S.T.)
De longues années d’expérience et un développement permanent de la technologie sandwich/chants latéraux permettent de déterminer de manière précise la courbe et le flex des skis, pour une transmission précise des forces sur la neige.
Benefits:excellent force transmission – high accuracy and robust construction.

Size Optimized Construction
The construction and length are adapted to the physical and technical characteristics of the skiers, in accordance with the different categories.
Avantages comportement parfaitement adapté au niveau du skieur – conforme au réglement FIS.

Solid Metal Edge
Carres plus larges et très robuste pour une durée de vie accrue et un plus grand nombre d’entretiens possible.
Avantages durée de vie accrue du ski et plus grand nombre de services (ponçage) possible.

3.0 Top Sheet Structure
The LASER and SCALE models are equipped with a new surface. The combination of three different structures leads to an original, sporty and elegant finish. Each ski is unique.
Avantages surface résistante (les griffures sont moins visibles) – design accrocheur.


Brand Stockli
Season Winter 2019-2020
Spatula width 120 mm
Skate width 66 mm
Heel width 94 mm
Reference size 160cm
Curvature radius 12.7
Level Expert
building 3.8kg
Kind man
profile Standard Camber (No Rocker)