Head Supershape E-magnum – Prd 12 GW


The Supershape e-Magnum was designed for the classic all-mountain skier looking for a ski with performance and flexibility. Slightly more forgiving than a high-performance racing ski, the e-Magnum still has the high-level features and maneuverability for more fun on (and off) the slopes. Like the rest of the line, it features Head’s EMC technology, which reduces vibration and improves stability for greater flexibility, as well as graphene technology for optimal weight distribution, balance and control. Even on long days, the e-Magnum ski remains reliable on and off the slopes.

PRD The PRD 12 GW binding will make you an all-terrain athlete. No matter what the environment, the PowerRail technology under your boots gives you even more stability and longevity. You’ll enjoy easy handling, maximum flexibility and optimal performance. The RX Bumper, with Full Diagonal Release, TRP System and AFS GripWalk combined with a Diagonal heel cup, helps reduce the risk of injury. Insertion and removal is very easy, thanks to the three-section heel cup. With this binding, you’re off to a winning start. Our Power Rail bindings can be installed on all pre-mounted PR base skis.

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Binding included PRD 12 GW.


Ski Size

170 cm

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