Cloud 12 W 2019

RANGE Performance track

LEVEL Avanced, Expert


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“Strong and refined! “

Finally, the Atomic Cloud 12 is revealed in its true face, after we could test it last year in 168 cm without ever being able to understand it, the fault of total rigidity.

Atomic seems to have revised its copy, unless our ski last year was a production “accident”.

In any case, in 161 cm, this Atomic Cloud 12 offered us the best of what we can hope for from a high-performance ski! Efficient, efficient and perfectly placed on the snow, it manages to be reassuring, that is to say it manages to deliver a high level performance without being in the fight, without imposing its rules.

A pure happiness ! It is also one of the rare modern skis to be able to ski in direct trace by pulling perfectly straight, without moving, as in the days of straight skis.

However, the spatula does its job wonderfully and takes you into the curve at the slightest request, without any inertia.

Afterwards, it’s stable, it grips hard, accelerates vigorously but smoothly and above all, what fluidity! Gentle, he responds to requests without imposing himself, remains docile despite his strength and power and appears as invulnerable as he is calm. Astonishing.

If we have to quibble, we can blame it for being a little less maneuverable in small turns but for the rest, it’s flawless.

It even seems longer than its size as it is imperial, but at high speed and as a bonus, it is particularly successful aesthetically speaking. Let’s not throw any more: it’s the best!

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