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Credit where credit is due

Few outdoor clothing items suffer—and withstand—as much abuse as the ski pants Avalanche designed for ski clubs, the QS36 model. To celebrate this durable item, I am making it the subject of my first article.

Often black, ski pants don’t usually draw attention, but they play a vital role. Avalanche ski pants are made to protect their wearers from the cold, snow, rain and wind.

 Athletes are just like you and me. Their boots rub on their ski pants, as do their inner ski edges, the T-bar lift, the chair lift and sometimes their ski poles. There’s only one difference: they ski a staggering 400 hours a year. They also fall nearly every week, hit hundreds of gates and use very strong Velcro fasteners to hold up their shin pads, which can damage the outer envelope of the pants. But the 100% nylon twill fabric won’t snag on anything. Our pants feature an ergonomic knee design, sealed-off stitching and a reinforced crotch base, which provides the mobility needed for competitive skiing.

And when training in skintight race suits, athletes often leave their pants crumpled in a backpack, outdoors in the humid air. Avalanche designers have taken this into consideration.

It’s no surprise that all these features make our pants popular with ski clubs.  

Want to keep your ski pants in great condition? Keeping them clean and dry is the ticket! Wash in cold water. After all, they’re made to withstand the cold! Tumble dry at medium heat.

 In my next article, I will be talking about the top half: the ski jacket.

Carolyne Gagnon, Ski sales and business developent manager


How keeping our products in stock facilitates customer purchases

So, you will be taking over the family transport company from your father on January 1st. To mark this new chapter in the company’s history, you want to offer a beautiful commemorative jacket at the Christmas party, to your father and to the 562 employees that will be gathered to celebrate. Your father will be touched and will never forget the moment when everyone slips on their jacket at the same time.

It’s a wonderful idea, but you think it might be a little late given that fall is already here. Getting everyone’s sizes, from XS to XL, will be a management challenge, and, given that 20% of the employees are women, a fitted version would be preferable. It would be easier to just give everyone umbrellas, although that definitely wouldn’t have the same impact.

Let’s see what Avalanche can do for you.

You like the S26 model. It’s warm, durable, moves well… plus it looks great on you! The price? In your line of business, you get to know the cost of the goods you transport, especially if any merchandise is lost! Our pricing is very honest. Avalanche produces large volumes and passes the savings on to you!

Now, for availability. Since Avalanche keeps large quantities of its main models in stock, we are very likely to be able to accommodate you.

As for the sizes, we offer sample sizes to try on. Given that your employees are spread throughout Quebec, we can send you a size chart by gender. Avalanche will be able to accommodate any new employees that might get added during the process. Louis-Marie from HR will compile the results. Avalanche will be delighted to help you carry out this mission while keeping it a secret from your father.

The final step is personalization. You’ve already produced a sketch of the commemorative embroidery. It’s a little complicated but the colours are sharp with no gradations. That’s no problem for Avalanche. The design is sure to please your father, who will recognize that you’re the artist.

How long will the embroidering take? Thanks to Avalanche’s two new high-performance embroidery machines, it will be done in time.

Sound good? Just give us the green light. Your dad will be moved, and your employees will feel proud.

By the way, what size is your father? From the way you seem to look up to him, he must be an extra-large!

Simon Bernier
VP of Business Development, Corporate Sector