Outdoor Report

Outdoor Report 12


Do you know : In the educational sector!

  • We are proud to dress Université Laval’s Rouge et Or ski team.
  • Just like The American School in Switzerland, the Le Rosey boarding school is one of our many clients in this market segment.


To create is to choose,

There are hundreds of different fabrics we could use to make the outer shell of our different jackets. We narrowed those down to 30, each with its own specific technical characteristics. Our final choice is guided by what our customers will be using the jacket for, according to their specific needs, and the price they are willing to pay.
Some examples of specific needs:

  • Our customers in the Alps appreciate a fabric that resists sun damage
  •  Our urban customers want a flexible fabric that will move with them as they go about their day
  • Ski clubs like an ultra-resistant fabric, especially for the ski pants
  • Snowmaking crews want a waterproof fabric that breathes

All our fabrics undergo a series of tests conducted by an independent organization and are calibrated according to their resistance to abrasion, discoloration, tearing and more.
Some fabrics are conducive to sublimation, allowing us to “print” all kinds of patterns onto them. That’s how we have been able to create polka dot jackets and zebra-print pants and all sorts of other patterns that are difficult to create with more traditional techniques.
Extensibility can be a challenge. Fortunately, our weavers are able to provide us with more or-less stretchy fabrics by combining the use of “elastic” fibres and/or a weaving technique.
Membranes attached to the fabrics improve breathability/water-resistance, and a rain-repellant coating completes the package, resulting in an outer shell that will protect you from the worst the weather and your environment can throw at you.
All this plus the items look great, too!

For our 3-in-1 jackets, whose inner layer provides the insulation, we can use a relatively light insulation (100 g) since the multiple layers also provide thermal qualities. This creates a really great look. The wearer can manage their own heat conservation by adapting their layers to the outside temperature and the intensity of their activity. Very practical for cross-country skiing, for instance. Check out our Expedition series, which features attractive sets in trendy colours.
As always, our choices are guided by what the customer will be using the jacket for. If you’re buying online, the descriptions on our site, www.avalancheskiwear.com, will help you choose the best jacket for your needs. If you come see us in store, our advisors will be happy to help you find the best model and fit.

Véronique Dufour