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DO YOU KNOW : More than you thought?

  • We will be delivering nearly 65,000 items of clothing to 600 institutional, corporate and associative clients.
  • Nearly half of these—more than 30,000 items!—will be going to Europe.


Does Avalanche make ski boots?

That’s what a young woman asked me when the store opened. “Slippers, yes, but not boots!” I replied. The athletic-looking customer explained that her feet get cold as soon as the temperature drops below   -15 °C but that her hands never freeze, nor does the rest of her body, thanks to Avalanche products.

I take a look at her boots. They are good quality, well-maintained and dry. And her socks are merino wool.

I propose two solutions:

  1. Neoprene boot covers. Costing a little over $50, they provide passive protection by reducing the amount of heat lost through the feet. That should give her an extra 5 °C. Boot covers are a very tough and effective accessory. They’re not all that fashionable though. But then again, neither are ski boots!
  2. Heated insoles. Costing around $350 with the batteries, they provide active protection by heating the sole up to 45 °C (in store, of course). When set at medium power, the battery will last more than eight hours. For greater comfort, there are extension cords that let you put the batteries in the pockets of your pants rather than attaching them to the boots. This also reduces the risk of losing the batteries on the mountain. As the electrical connections are of much greater quality than they used to be, the warmers should last over five years.

My young customer opted for the boot covers knowing that if they are not warm enough, she can come back for the more costly active solution.

At the checkout, my customer also grabbed a pair of Avalanche slippers. I smiled.

Rudy Guidez Bootfitter and Sales representative.  


Meeting the challenge of club race suits!

More and more ski clubs are asking us for race suits in their colours for their U-14, U-16 and U-18 athletes.

At Avalanche, this request translates into offering a quality product that is tailored to this clientele and is durable enough to be passed on to the next athlete. All that at an affordable price, despite the fact that these are not large-volume orders.

So we got to work… and got on the phone to make the arrangements needed:

  • Supplier: We selected QwixSkinz, an Albertan company serving the world’s ski elite. Together, we designed a race suit adapted to the needs of this young clientele with its smaller sizes.
  • Customization: Sublimation printing is used to deliver a product that is in each club’s colours and features its sponsors’ logos.
  • Durability: Since we do not have to meet FIS specifications for these items, we were able to focus on abrasion resistance and protection from wind and water.
  • Fit: It’s hard to buy a race suit without trying it on first. We have fitting kits available for this reason. With the help of their coach, the young athletes will be able to select an item that fits.

 We are very pleased with the final product and are ready to meet the demand in 2023!

Interested in having race suits made?

Give me a call!

Carolyne Gagnon
Manager Sales Ski