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In charge of a small team or run a large company? We offer a tailor-made solution for your uniform or corporate clothing needs. Whether you’re an accounting firm, a manufacturing plant or even a school, we have everything needed to dress your team.

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Want to set up a recognition program for your collaborators or customers? We can help! Our team is fully committed to finding high-quality and exceptional items, perfect for expressing your gratitude to your collaborators for their contribution or to your customers for their loyalty. This turnkey service will save you time and money, while guaranteeing personalized follow-up with one of our representatives.

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Screen printing is a printing process by which ink is forced through a silk or canvas screen onto a surface. This technique is versatile and can be used on a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, fabric, metal, glass and wood.

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabrics by using a needle and different coloured thread to create patterns, designs or letters.

Flexography (vinyl flocking or flock printing) is a printing process by which patterns, images or text are transferred onto textiles using a vinyl sheet. This process is often used to customize T-shirts, sports jerseys and other textile items.

Sublimation is a printing technique that transfers images, patterns and colours onto textiles via a chemical process. Heat is used to turn a special ink into a gas, which lets the colours penetrate directly into the structure of the fabric. This creates long-lasting, wash-resistant prints, and is often used for sportswear, banners and promotional items.

Patches can be made of fabric, leather, plastic or other materials. Featuring patterns, logos or letters, they can be embroidered, printed or applied to personalize or decorate a variety of products. Patches are often used to show that the wearer belongs to a certain group, or to personalize clothing and accessories.

Labels are usually made of fabric, plastic or paper, and contain important information such as the brand name, clothing item size, washing instructions and other details. Labels play a crucial role in the fashion and textile industry by giving key information to consumers.

We can customize your items according to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want laces in different colours for a unique touch, or a tailored cut for a perfect fit, we can make your creative project a reality. Contact us to discuss your ideas and learn how we can make them happen.